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12 July 1984* (Pb)

Politburo meeting. Request by  Molotov and Kaganovich to be re-admitted to the Party; exchange of views about Khrushchev and Stalin. [R 12 Jul 84, Pb] =========================================================== [page one of six] Top Secret Single Copy (Draft Minutes) MEETING OF CPSU POLITBURO … Continue reading

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19 December 1957* (no number)

KGB report. Physicist Lev Landau’s admiration for the 1956 Hungarian Revolution and his comments about Bolshevik fascism (17 pp). [R 19 December 1957] Excerpt. =========================================================== Identifying the rebels with the Hungarian nation and working class, he characterised the events in … Continue reading

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25 December 1962*, 3265-S

KGB report (Semichastny). Change in procedures for informing relatives about prisoners’ date of execution in the Stalin era (4 pp). [R 25 December 1962, 3265-S] ============================================================= [page one of four] Top Secret USSR Committee for State Security [KGB] of the … Continue reading

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4 October 1956*, St 1061

Secretariat. Creation of the “Mill”, a fake border post in the Soviet Far East used from 1941 to 1949 to test the loyalty of individuals, who were then arrested and imprisoned; many were shot (9 pp). [R 4 October 1956, … Continue reading

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