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17 March 1978*, 492-Ch

KGB and Ministry of Internal Affairs to Central Committee: Transfer of “especially dangerous” prisoners from Vladimir Prison to Chistopol Prison. Henceforward political prisoners would be held in Chistopol Prison. [R 17 March 1978, 492-Ch] ========================================================== [page one of two] Secret … Continue reading

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12 May 1977*, 958-A

KGB to Politburo: proposal that Soviet bloc boycott International Rostropovich competition in Paris. Draft CPSU decree attached. [R 12 May 1977, 958-A] ========================================================== [page one of two] SECRET 12 May 1977 No.958-A To the CPSU Central Committee The international Rostropovich … Continue reading

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30 December 1976*, St 38/36

Secretariat confirms International Department request: provide 11 months of military training for 15 members of the Socialist Party of Chile. [R 30 December 1976, St 38-36] ========================================================= [page one of four] Top Secret Special File St 38/36, 30 December 1976 … Continue reading

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22 January 1970*, Pb 151/XIII

Politburo about the mentaly ill. Andropov circulates to fellow Politburo members a report from Krasnodar Region KGB suggesting a widespread threat to public order and the Soviet system from the mentally ill (5 pp). [R 22 January 1970, Pb 151-XIII] … Continue reading

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