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14 November 1989*, 2292-K/ov

KGB memo (Kryuchkov) to Central Committee (Gorbachev). Sakharov’s influence on the striking miners in Vorkuta. [R 14 Nov 89, 2292-K-OV] =========================================================== [page one of two] Special Importance Copy No 2 14 November 1989, No 2292-K/ov To the CPSU Central Committee … Continue reading

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31 July 1989*, No.312/1/0297

Report to Central Committee from the Soviet Ministry of Defence about the state of military supplies to Afghanistan. =========================================================== [page one of two] To Comrades: I.S. Belousov M.A. Moiseyev B.M. Belousov Please consider the rate at which warheads of R-17 … Continue reading

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10 April 1989*, St-99/248

Secretariat: Additional measures to provide apartments for the representatives of Communist Parties from non-socialist countries who are receiving “special training” in the USSR (5 pp). [R 10 Apr 89, St 99-248] Excerpt. =========================================================== [page one of five] SPECIAL FILE Top … Continue reading

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06 January 1989 * (no number)

Secretariat turns down request from Sean Garland, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party (Republic of Ireland), to provide “special training” for 5 people. Memos in support from the International Department and the KGB (21 December 1988). [R 6 January 1989] … Continue reading

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