14 November 1989* (2292-K/ov) Miners

KGB memo (Kryuchkov) to Central Committee (Gorbachev). SAKHAROV's influence on the striking miners in Vorkuta. [R 14 Nov 89, 2292-K-OV] =========================================================== [page one of two] Special Importance Copy No 2 14 November 1989, No 2292-K/ov To the CPSU Central Committee Attention: Comrade M.S. Gorbachev Concerning the influence of A.D. Sakharov on the strike movement in … Continue reading 14 November 1989* (2292-K/ov) Miners

31 July 1989* (No.312/1/0297) Military assistance

Report to Central Committee from the Soviet Ministry of Defence about the state of military supplies to Afghanistan. [R 31 Jul 89,  No 312- 1-0297] total 2 pp. =========================================================== [page one of two] To Comrades: I.S. Belousov M.A. Moiseyev B.M. Belousov Please consider the rate at which warheads of R-17 missiles are being produced and … Continue reading 31 July 1989* (No.312/1/0297) Military assistance

10 April 1989* (St-99/248) Special Training

Secretariat: Additional measures to provide apartments for the representatives of Communist Parties from non-socialist countries who are receiving "special training" in the USSR (excerpt). [R 10 Apr 89, St 99-248] total 5 pp. =========================================================== [page one of five] SPECIAL FILE Top Secret No. St 99/249 of 10 April 1989 RESOLUTION of the Secretariat of the … Continue reading 10 April 1989* (St-99/248) Special Training

06 January 1989 * [International Dept] Ireland

Secretariat turns down request from Sean GARLAND, General Secretary of the Workers' Party (Republic of Ireland), to provide "special training" for 5 people. Memos in support from the International Department and the KGB (21 December 1988). [R 6 January 1989] ========================================================== [page one of two] SPECIAL FILE Top Secret To the CPSU Central Committee The … Continue reading 06 January 1989 * [International Dept] Ireland

31 October 1937* [NKVD] Kuibyshev

Letter from A. FRENKEL (Kuibyshev) to NKVD chief YEZHOV: malfunctioning of special troika, unburied bodies of "Enemies of the People", and poor safety measures during interrogation. [R 31 October 1937] =========================================================== [page one of two] Comrade Yezhov! I consider it my duty to advise you of the following facts that have been made known to the … Continue reading 31 October 1937* [NKVD] Kuibyshev

13 February 1982* (317-A) Confiscated art

KGB to Central Committee. Items of art confiscated by KGB transferred to the Kremlin museums. [R 13 February 1982, 317-A] ============================================================ [one page] Secret Committee of State Security [KGB] 13 February 1982, No 317-A Moscow To the CPSU Central Committee The transfer of works of art to the Moscow Kremlin State Museums The KGB reports … Continue reading 13 February 1982* (317-A) Confiscated art

26 June 1986* (Pb) Writers

Politburo meeting. Alexander YAKOVLEV reports on the Congress of the Writers' Union. Discussion of ways to manage changes in the union's bureaucracy [R 26 Jun 86, Pb], 5 pp. =========================================================== [page one of five] Top Secret Single Copy (Draft Minutes) MEETING OF CPSU POLITBURO 26 June 1986 In the chair Comrade M.S. GORBACHEV In attendance: … Continue reading 26 June 1986* (Pb) Writers

4 February 1987* (206-B) Marchenko

KGB memorandum (Bobkov) to International Department. What to tell French Communists about Anatoly MARCHENKO and Alexander OGORODNIKOV. (Marchenko died in December 1986, following a hunger strike in Chistopol Prison.) [R 4 Feb 87 – 206-B] ============================== [one page] Secret 4 February 1987, No 206-B Comrade Yu.I. Zuyev, deputy head of the CPSU Central Committee International … Continue reading 4 February 1987* (206-B) Marchenko