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31 October 1937* (no number)

Letter from A. Frenkel (Kuibyshev) to NKVD chief Yezhov: malfunctioning of special troika, unburied bodies of “Enemies of the People”, and poor safety measures during interrogation. [R 31 October 1937] =========================================================== [page one of two] Comrade Yezhov! I consider it my … Continue reading

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09 December 1986*, 2407-Ch

From Secretariat: Actions related to Andrei Sakharov; annulment of decree for Sakharov’s exile and pardon for his wife Elena Bonner (8 pp). Excerpt. ============================================================ [page one] […]  The decision that it was necessary to halt Sakharov’s hostile activities was prompted … Continue reading

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13 February 1982*, 317-A

KGB to Central Committee. Items of art confiscated by KGB transferred to the Kremlin museums. [R 13 February 1982, 317-A] ============================================================ [one page] Secret Committee of State Security [KGB] 13 February 1982, No 317-A Moscow To the CPSU Central Committee … Continue reading

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26 June 1986* (Pb)

Politburo meeting. Alexander Yakovlev reports on the Congress of the Writers’ Union. Discussion of ways to manage changes in the union’s bureaucracy. [R 26 Jun 86, Pb] =========================================================== [page one of five] Top Secret Single Copy (Draft Minutes) MEETING OF … Continue reading

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