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Is Glasnost a Game of Mirrors? (1987)

The New York Times, 22 March 1987 Are Mikhail S. Gorbachev’s new policies the historical turning point we have been praying for, signaling the end of oppression and misery in the Soviet Union? Or are we witnessing only a short-lived … Continue reading

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The Peace Movement and the Soviet Union (1982)

Commentary, 5 January 1982 “Peace will be preserved and strengthened if the people take the cause of peace into their own hands and defend it to the end” Joseph Stalin, 1952 The “struggle for peace” has always been a cornerstone … Continue reading

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Punitive Psychiatry (1977)

Foreword to Bloch and Reddaway, Russia’s political hospitals (1977) The peculiar features of the Soviet political system, the Communist ideology, the uncertainties and difficulties of the science of psychiatry, the labyrinths of the human conscience – all these have weirdly … Continue reading

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