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6 February 1990*, St 10/1

Secretariat. Subsidies from the Soviet Red Cross for Moscow-based correspondents of Party and “fraternal” newspapers in capitalist and developing countries  (4 pp). [R 6 Nov 90, St 10-1] Excerpt. ======================================================== The “living expenses” of Moscow-based correspondents for these fraternal publications … Continue reading

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Only a Trial will do This Time (2013)

On Sunday, 18 March 2018, Vladimir Putin ran for the Russian presidency for a fourth time. He was predicted to win easily in the first round. Following the murder of Boris Nemtsov, early in 2015, his most prominent opponent was … Continue reading

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Alternative sources (1968-1992)

The 63 published issues of the bi-monthly CHRONICLE OF CURRENT EVENTS (April 1968 to June 1982) can all be accessed in English translation. The Russian original ХРОНИКА ТЕКУЩИХ СОБЫТИЙ is also available online; as is most of the Munich-based fortnightly … Continue reading

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31 January 1938*, Pb 57/48

Dealing with “Anti-Soviet Elements”. Politburo accepts NKVD request to increase quotas for 1st category arrests (executions) and 2nd category arrests in 22 Republics and Regions across the USSR (2 pp). [R 31 January 1938, Pb 57-48] ========================================================= [page one of … Continue reading

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