17 February 1981* (St 250/10) Salt shortages

Secretariat [1.3]. Complaints by the population about shortages of cooking salt [Russian: 17 February 1981, St 250-10] 8 pp. ======================= [page one of eight] St 250/10, 17 February 1981 Top Secret RESOLUTIONof the Secretariat of the CPSU Central Committee Complaints by working people about disruption in supplies of household salt Instruct the Committee of Party … Continue reading 17 February 1981* (St 250/10) Salt shortages

16 November 1988* (1979-K) Memorial

KGB report (Kryuchkov) to Central Committee [3.4; 4]. Provocative statements made at the Moscow conference organised by the Memorial Society. [Russian: 16 Nov 88, 1979-K] 5 pp. ============================ [page one of five] 16 November 1988, No 1979-K To the CPSU Central Committee Concerning the provocative statements made by certain participants of the All-Union Voluntary Historical … Continue reading 16 November 1988* (1979-K) Memorial

11 March 1975* (547-A) Matzo

KGB memorandum from Andropov, copy for Chernenko. Confiscation of matzo in parcels sent from abroad. [Russian: 11 March 1975, 547-A] ============================ For Comrade K.U. Chernenko only [1] [Stamp] The agreement of the CPSU Central Committee has been obtained,reports Comrade Galkin, V.E., 1 Sector of CPSU Central Committee General Department [dated & signed] 12 March 1975   … Continue reading 11 March 1975* (547-A) Matzo

Punitive Psychiatry (1977)

Bloch and Reddaway, Russia’s political hospitals (1977), Foreword The peculiar features of the Soviet political system, the Communist ideology, the uncertainties and difficulties of the science of psychiatry, the labyrinths of the human conscience – all these have weirdly woven themselves together to create a monstrous phenomenon, the use of medicine against man. Paradoxical though … Continue reading Punitive Psychiatry (1977)

6 February 1990* (St 10/1) Soviet Red Cross

Secretariat. Subsidies from the Soviet Red Cross for Moscow-based correspondents of Party and "fraternal" newspapers in capitalist and developing countries  (4 pp). [R 6 Nov 90, St 10-1] total 4 pp (excerpt). ========================= The “living expenses” of Moscow-based correspondents for these fraternal publications also formed part of the bill. From the late 1950s, to disguise … Continue reading 6 February 1990* (St 10/1) Soviet Red Cross

24 June 1988** (St-86/265) Sudan

Secretariat. A request from the Sudanese Communist Party. Military training of 20 people (2 pp). [R 24 Jun 88, St 86-265] =========================================================== Translated by Marta D. Olynyk, July 2010 [Translator's notes are bracketed] 86/265i from 24/VI/1988 [three lines of numbers and letters crossed out] SPECIAL FOLDER 43 TOP SECRET SPECIAL FOLDER 9 5.2.4 [handwritten notation … Continue reading 24 June 1988** (St-86/265) Sudan

9 February 1987** (St-39/65) Lebanon

Secretariat. A request from the Progressive Socialist Party of Lebanon for “special” military training for 30 people annually in 1987 and 1988 (5 pp). [R 9 Feb 87, St 39-65] ========================================================== [Translator's notes and questionable points are bracketed] Current no. 385 27 November 1986 Seal [Lebanese] in upper right-hand corner [All other text on this … Continue reading 9 February 1987** (St-39/65) Lebanon