31 January 1938* (Pb 57/48) Great Terror

Dealing with “Anti-Soviet Elements”. Politburo accepts NKVD request to increase quotas for 1st category arrests (executions) and 2nd category arrests (sent to camps) in 22 Republics and Regions across the USSR. [Russian: 31 January 1938, Pb 57-48] total 2 pp. ==================================== [page one of two] Return within 24 hoursto the Central Committee Special Sector STRICTLY SECRET(From … Continue reading 31 January 1938* (Pb 57/48) Great Terror

31 December 1938* [Stalin] Great Terror

Stalin’s written permission for the Krasnoyarsk Region (Siberia) to carry out several thousand additional “1st category arrests” (executions). The instruction was written in pencil on a small, plain slip of paper.  [Russian: 31 December 1938] ======================================= Permit Krasnoyarsk Region 6,600 additional ‘1st category’ arrests. For Stalin, I.V. ====================================== NOTES This instruction came two months after … Continue reading 31 December 1938* [Stalin] Great Terror

30 December 1980** (St 243/8) North Caucasus

Secretariat. Memo from ANDROPOV about anti-Russian propaganda in Karachaevo-Cherkessk region, North Caucasus (7 pp).  [R 30 Dec 80, 7 pp] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Translator’s notes are bracketed] #CT-243 of 12.30.80/TOP SECRET/SPECIAL FOLDER RESOLUTION Of the Secretariat of the CC of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Re: Memorandum of the Committee for State Security of the … Continue reading 30 December 1980** (St 243/8) North Caucasus

3 September 1953** [Central Committee] Special assignments

Secretariat. Creation at Ministry of Internal Affairs of Special Division No.12 for “special assignments” (diversion, sabotage, assassination) abroad. Structure, functions, etc of Special Division (7 pp). [R 3 September 1953] ============================================================   [page one of seven] Top Secret Special File CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION RESOLUTION On the institution of … Continue reading 3 September 1953** [Central Committee] Special assignments

11 January 1991* (No 00766) Lithuania

Central Committee. Report from Committee officials in Lithuania about the attempted takeover by the "Committee for National Salvation". [R 11 Jan 91], 4 pp. ================================== [page one of four] To the CPSU Central Committee About the events in Lithuania Senior staff of the [CPSU] Central Committee (Comrades Kazyulin and Udovichenko) who are in Lithuania, report … Continue reading 11 January 1991* (No 00766) Lithuania

19 February 1986* (321-Ch/ov) KGB report for 1985

KGB head CHEBRIKOV delivers to GORBACHEV his highly classified report on the Committee's work in 1985: counter-intelligence, industrial espionage and exposure of "domestic subversion" (9 pp). [R 19 Feb 86, 321-Ch-ov] Excerpt. ===================================== [page one of nine] SPECIAL FILE Special Importance USSR Committee of State Security [KGB] of the USSR Council of Ministers 19 February … Continue reading 19 February 1986* (321-Ch/ov) KGB report for 1985