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Alternative sources (1968-1992)

The 63 published issues of the bi-monthly CHRONICLE OF CURRENT EVENTS (April 1968 to June 1982) can all be accessed in English translation. The Russian original ХРОНИКА ТЕКУЩИХ СОБЫТИЙ is also available online; as is most of the Munich-based fortnightly … Continue reading

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10 September 1976*, 2066-A

KGB and Ministry of Health to Central Committee about Western “anti-Soviet propaganda” concerning the abuse of psychiatry for political purposes (18 pp). [R 10 September 1976, 2066-A] =========================================================== [page one of eighteen] State Security Committee [KGB] at the USSR Soviet … Continue reading

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26 December 1980*, St 243/57

Secretariat. Letter to chairman of Danish Social Democratic Party about the arrest of refusenik Victor Brailovsky, explaining his “criminal activities” (3 pp). [R 26 December 1980, St 243-57] ============================================================== [Text from a different document, presumably International Department to Central Committee] … Continue reading

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9 December 1986*, 2407-Ch

Secretariat. Measures relating to Andrei Sakharov; annulment of decree for Sakharov’s exile and pardon for his wife Elena Bonner (8 pp).  [R 9 Dec 86, 2407-Ch] ============================================================== [pages one to four] Secret 9 December 1986 To the CPSU Central Committee … Continue reading

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