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Is Glasnost a Game of Mirrors?

The New York Times, 22 March 1987 Are Mikhail S. Gorbachev’s new policies the historical turning point we have been praying for, signaling the end of oppression and misery in the Soviet Union? Or are we witnessing only a short-lived … Continue reading

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Alternative sources (1968-1992)

The 63 published issues of the bi-monthly CHRONICLE OF CURRENT EVENTS (April 1968 to June 1982) can all be accessed in English translation. The Russian original ХРОНИКА ТЕКУЩИХ СОБЫТИЙ is also available online; as is most of the Munich-based fortnightly … Continue reading

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9 December 1986*, 2407-Ch

Secretariat. Measures relating to Andrei Sakharov; annulment of decree for Sakharov’s exile and pardon for his wife Elena Bonner (8 pp).  [R 9 Dec 86, 2407-Ch] ============================================================== [pages one to four] Secret 9 December 1986 To the CPSU Central Committee … Continue reading

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6 February 1990**, St-10/3

Secretariat. Discontinuation of illegal crossing to the Soviet territory by activists of the Iraqi Communist Party en route to other countries (7 pp). [R 6 Feb 90, St 10-3] =========================================================== [Translator’s notes are bracketed] SPECIAL FOLDER TOP SECRET 522 …CT-10/3g … Continue reading

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