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The Peace Movement and the Soviet Union

Commentary, 5 January 1982 “Peace will be preserved and strengthened if the people take the cause of peace into their own hands and defend it to the end” Joseph Stalin, 1952 The “struggle for peace” has always been a cornerstone … Continue reading

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6 January 1981*, St 244/11

Secretariat. About participation of Soviet delegation in the International Youth Peace Forum in Helsinki; file includes 2 February report  on the results (18 pp). [R 6 January 1981, St 244-11] Excerpts. =============================================================== [pages nine to eleven, request from B. Pastukhov, … Continue reading

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16 December 1980*, St 241/9

Secretariat. Negotiations between Soviet and US Academies of Science to resume contacts  broken off in early 1980 (8 pp). [R 16 December 1980] Excerpt. ======================================================== [page one of eight] Workers of all Lands, Unite! [Vertical text along left-hand margin] Return … Continue reading

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13 January 1981*, St 245/14

Secretariat Resolution. Proposals, beginning with December 1980 letter from Ministry of Health, about participation in the Soviet-American conference “Medics against Nuclear War” in Washington D.C. (9 pp). [R 13 January 1981, St 245-14] Excerpt. ========================================================= [page one of nine] Workers … Continue reading

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