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18 February 1977*, Pb 46/X

Instructions to Anatoly DOBRYNIN, Soviet ambassador to the USA, concerning a discussion with Secretary of State Cyrus VANCE about human rights. [R 18 February 1977, Pb 46-X] total 7 pp (excerpt).

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The Status of these Archives (2018)

In 1992, for a period of five months, Vladimir Bukovsky was given access to the archives of the CPSU Central Committee in Moscow. The new Russian government of Boris Yeltsin asked him to speak as a witness on its behalf … Continue reading

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24 July 1973*, St 88/1

Secretariat. Propaganda tasks following Brezhnev’s visit to USA (36 pp). [R 24 July 1973 – St 88-1] Excerpts. ================================================================ [page two] Secret To the Central Committee Concerning the main propaganda tasks in view of the results of the visit of … Continue reading

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31 December 1975**, 3240-A

KGB report. Shipments to the USSR of American weapons captured in Vietnam. [R 31 December 1975, 3240-A] =========================================================== [page one of one] Translated by YBZ, Feb 2011 [Translator’s notes are in brackets; handwritten text is italic in red, dates are … Continue reading

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