5 January 1982** (St 44/7) US Communist Party

Secretariat. A request from the CP USA leadership for part of the debt incurred in distributing Soviet books to be written off. [R 5 January 1982 – St 44-7] ========================================================= [page one of one] Workers of the world, unite! Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Central Committee TOP SECRET No. St-44/7s Extract from the Minutes … Continue reading 5 January 1982** (St 44/7) US Communist Party

14 July 1983** [International Dept] Jewish emigration

[3.3; 9.1] – Letter from US congressmen (376 signatures) concerning emigration of 2,000 Soviet Jews and response outlined by International Department (20 pp). [R 14 July 1983] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- English translation by Marta D. Olynyk, December 2010 [Translator's notes are bracketed, handwritten text is italic] [handwritten numeral "109" at the top of the document] Endorsed by … Continue reading 14 July 1983** [International Dept] Jewish emigration

24 March 1977* (Pb 50/71) anti-Soviet campaign

Politburo. Measures to "stop activities of the US special services in the anti-Soviet campaign" about human rights (4 pp). [R 24 March 1977, Pb 50-71] ======================================================== [page two of four] [...] According to information received, this operation has prompted a serious reaction in the USA and other Western countries. Reports in American newspapers, on radio and … Continue reading 24 March 1977* (Pb 50/71) anti-Soviet campaign

1 November 1979* (Pb 172/113) Olympic Games

Politburo decision based on KGB advice. Response to US Department of Justice concerning potential terrorism and drug distribution during the summer Olympic Games in Moscow – rejection of offer to cooperate (4 pp). [R 1 November 1979, Pb 172-113] Excerpt =================================== [page two of four] In a conversation with the Soviet ambassador to the USA about … Continue reading 1 November 1979* (Pb 172/113) Olympic Games

25 April 1979* (819-A) Olympic Games

KGB report. Anti-Soviet activities with regard to the 1980 Olympic Games. [Russian: 25 April 1979, 819-A] total 4 pp (excerpts). ================================== [page three] [...] The enemy’s intelligence agencies and foreign anti-Soviet centres are trying, as previously, to use various insinuations about ‘the violation of human rights in the USSR’ to discredit the 22nd Olympic Games … Continue reading 25 April 1979* (819-A) Olympic Games

21 March 1990** (No 318/2/0354) Military assistance

Ministry of Defence to Central Committee. Assistance to restore aviation and communication in Afghanistan (2 pp). [R 221 Mar 90, No 318-2-0354] total 2 pp. ========================================================== Translated by George Sklyar [Logo in the left margin: Soviet national emblem with this inscription beneath:] FIRST DEPUTY MINISTER OF DEFENSE OF THE USSR [Stamped in the right margin] … Continue reading 21 March 1990** (No 318/2/0354) Military assistance

24 January 1989* (Pb 146/VI) Afghanistan withdrawal

Politburo. The imminent withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, alternative scenarios. [Russian: 24 Jan 89, Pb 146-VI] total 13 pp (excerpts). ============================= [page one of thirteen] Return to CPSU Central Committee(General Department, Sector 2) within 3 days Workers of all Lands, Unite! COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. CENTRAL COMMITTEE TOP SECRETSPECIAL FILE No. Pb … Continue reading 24 January 1989* (Pb 146/VI) Afghanistan withdrawal

10 March 1983* (Pb §6) Afghanistan withdrawal

Politburo meeting. ANDROPOV chairs discussion about the situation in Afghanistan and a possible Soviet withdrawal. [R 10 April 1983, Politburo, para 1] total 4 pp. ======================================================= [page one of four] Top SecretSingle Copy(Draft Minutes) MEETING OF CPSU POLITBURO18 January 1983 chaired byComrade Yu.V. ANDROPOV Comrades in attendance:G.A.Aliev, M.S. Gorbachev, A.A.Gromyko,A.L. Pelshe,  A.A. Tikhonov, K.U. Chernenko,P.N. … Continue reading 10 March 1983* (Pb §6) Afghanistan withdrawal

22 October 1986 * (Pb §1) Soviet diplomats

Politburo meeting. Expulsion of Soviet diplomats from the USA and planned Soviet retaliation. [R 22 oct 86, Pb] ============================================================= [page one of five] Top Secret Single Copy (Draft Minutes) MEETING OF CPSU POLITBURO 22 October 1986 In the chair Comrade M.S. GORBACHEV In attendance: Comrades G.A. Aliyev, A.A.Gromyko, L.N. Zaikov, Ye.K. Ligachev, N.I. Ryzhkov, M.S. … Continue reading 22 October 1986 * (Pb §1) Soviet diplomats