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The Past on Trial: 16 August 1992

Russia one year later Richard Pipes The Washington Post IN THE MORNING hours of July 7, 1992 an unusual spectacle unfolded in the center of Moscow, off Staraya Ploshchad, where until recently the all-powerful Central Committee of the Communist Party … Continue reading

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31 October 1975*, 2743-A

KGB report. The results of preventative and prophylactic work by the KGB since 1959, reducing the need for imprisonment, even for the most serious crimes. Statistical information for 1959-1974 on p. 2. [R 31 October 1975, Volkogonov] total 2 pp.

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Chernyaev diary (3 January 1976)

A brief passage from Anatoly CHERNYAEV’s unpublished “Diary”, in which he responds to a report to the Central Committee by ANDROPOV (29 December 1975*, 3213-A) about the statements of foreign communist parties concerning “political prisoners” in the USSR (NSA, document … Continue reading

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22 June 1978* (Pb)

Yury Andropov briefs Politburo on forthcoming trial of Anatoly SHCHARANSKY, arrested in mid-March the previous year. (MHG 30th anniversary) total 2 pp.

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