5 September 1980** (St 227/62) Marx

Secretariat. Financial award to Marcel-Charles Longuet for donation of Karl Marx documents (3 pp).  [R 5 September 1980, St 227/62] ========================================================== [Translator's notes are bracketed] [In handwriting:] 227/62ge of 5. IX. 1982 TOP SECRET [In handwriting:] 20 RESOLUTION of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union On the … Continue reading 5 September 1980** (St 227/62) Marx

28 July 1971* (St 123/30) Foreign Communists

Secretariat decision. Terms for inviting "communist, workers’ and national democratic" party officials to the USSR in 1971: organization of their accommodation, healthcare and other related expenditure (2 pp). [R 28 July 1971 – St 123-30] =========================================================== [page one of two] Workers of all lands, unite! COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION, CENTRAL COMMITTEE Top secret … Continue reading 28 July 1971* (St 123/30) Foreign Communists

12 July 1984* (Pb) Stalin and Khrushchev

Politburo meeting. Request by  Molotov and Kaganovich to be re-admitted to the Party; exchange of views about Khrushchev and Stalin. [R 12 Jul 84, Pb] =========================================================== [page one of six] Top Secret Single Copy (Draft Minutes) MEETING OF CPSU POLITBURO 12 July 1984 chaired by Comrade K.U. CHERNENKO Comrades in attendance: G.A. Aliyev, V.I. Vorotnikov, … Continue reading 12 July 1984* (Pb) Stalin and Khrushchev