31 January 1938* (Pb 57/48) Great Terror

Dealing with “Anti-Soviet Elements”. Politburo accepts NKVD request to increase quotas for 1st category arrests (executions) and 2nd category arrests in 22 Republics and Regions across the USSR. [R 31 January 1938, Pb 57-48] total 2 pp. ==================================== [page one of two] Return within 24 hours to the Central Committee Special Sector STRICTLY SECRET (From Special … Continue reading 31 January 1938* (Pb 57/48) Great Terror

31 October 1941* [NKVD] Arrests and executions

Report to NKVD chief BERIA. The activities of a special NKVD division at front, from 22 June until 19 October 1941: 657,364 arrested, majority sent back in penal batallions; 25,878 detained, over 10,000 shot. [R 31 October 1941] total 3 pp. =========================================================== [page one of three] Top Secret Attention: People's Commissar of Internal Affairs, Commissar … Continue reading 31 October 1941* [NKVD] Arrests and executions

31 October 1937* [NKVD] Kuibyshev

Letter from A. FRENKEL (Kuibyshev) to NKVD chief YEZHOV: malfunctioning of special troika, unburied bodies of "Enemies of the People", and poor safety measures during interrogation. [R 31 October 1937] =========================================================== [page one of two] Comrade Yezhov! I consider it my duty to advise you of the following facts that have been made known to the … Continue reading 31 October 1937* [NKVD] Kuibyshev

25 December 1962* (3265-S) Execution dates

KGB report (Semichastny). Change in procedures for informing relatives about prisoners’ date of execution in the Stalin era (4 pp). [R 25 December 1962, 3265-S] ============================================================= [page one of four] Top Secret USSR Committee for State Security [KGB] of the USSR Council of Ministers 25 December 1962, No. 3265-S Moscow To the CPSU Central Committee … Continue reading 25 December 1962* (3265-S) Execution dates

17 February 1938* (Pb 58/57) Ukraine

NKVD in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic requests an increase of 30,000 people in Ukraine's quota for executions and arrests. Politburo agrees.   [R 17 February 1938, Pb 58-57] ============================================================ [page one of one] Workers of All Lands, Unite! STRICTLY SECRET (Special File) CENTRAL COMMITTEE of the All-Union Communist Party (of Bolsheviks) Pb 58/57 17 February … Continue reading 17 February 1938* (Pb 58/57) Ukraine

4 February 1938* (No 95/III) Great Terror

Encrypted telegram to STALIN and YEZHOV from YULY KAGANOVICH: a request to increase the quota for executions and arrests in the Gorky Region and extend the deadline until 20 March. [R 4 February 1938, No 95-III] ============================================================= [page one of one]                                   TO BE RETURNED WITHIN 48 HOURS [Central Committee Politburo Resolution, 5 May … Continue reading 4 February 1938* (No 95/III) Great Terror