22 June 1989** (St 102/124) Cyprus

Secretariat. Requests from the leadership of AKEL for “special training” for 2 people, and from the leadership of the Cyprus Progressive Party for “special training” for 2 people and for assistance in obtaining a legal status (5 pp). [R 22 Jun 89, St 102-124] ========================================================== English Translation by George Sklyar, July 2010 [Translator’s notes are bracketed; … Continue reading 22 June 1989** (St 102/124) Cyprus

14 April 1980** (St 206/67) Cyprus

Secretariat. A request from EZEKIAS PAPAIOANNOU, General Secretary of the Cyprus Progressive Party of Working People [AKEL]. Decision – receive two representatives of the party, LUCAS ANDREAS and TIMOPHEOS KYRIACOS, for a one-month course of “special training” in radio-operating techniques and detection of eavesdropping devices (6 pp).  [R 14 April 1980, St 206/67] =========================================================== English … Continue reading 14 April 1980** (St 206/67) Cyprus