14 March 1978* (Pb 97/54) Rostropovich

Formal, jointly signed request (March 1978, 459-A) by KGB, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Central Committee that Mtsislav Rostropovich and his wife Galina Vishnevskaya be stripped of their Soviet citizenship (5 pp). [R 14 March 1978, Pb 97-54] Excerpts. =========================================================== [page one of five] To item 54 of Minutes No. 97 Secret To the CPSU … Continue reading 14 March 1978* (Pb 97/54) Rostropovich

12 May 1977* (958-A) Rostropovich

KGB to Politburo: proposal that Soviet bloc boycott International Rostropovich competition in Paris. Draft CPSU decree attached (2 pp). [R 12 May 1977, 958-A] ========================================================== [page one of two] SECRET 12 May 1977 No.958-A To the CPSU Central Committee The international Rostropovich competition for young cellists According to information received, the Association of International Gatherings … Continue reading 12 May 1977* (958-A) Rostropovich