1 November 1979* (Pb 172/113) Olympic Games

Politburo decision based on KGB advice. Response to US Department of Justice concerning potential terrorism and drug distribution during the summer Olympic Games in Moscow – rejection of offer to cooperate (4 pp). [R 1 November 1979, Pb 172-113] Excerpt =================================== [page two of four] In a conversation with the Soviet ambassador to the USA about … Continue reading 1 November 1979* (Pb 172/113) Olympic Games

25 April 1979* (819-A) Olympic Games

KGB report. Anti-Soviet activities with regard to the 1980 Olympic Games. [Russian: 25 April 1979, 819-A] total 4 pp (excerpts). ================================== [page three] [...] The enemy’s intelligence agencies and foreign anti-Soviet centres are trying, as previously, to use various insinuations about ‘the violation of human rights in the USSR’ to discredit the 22nd Olympic Games … Continue reading 25 April 1979* (819-A) Olympic Games

19 August 1980* (St 224/7) Olympic successes

Secretariat Resolution. Send report to communist and workers' parties in socialist countries about success of the Summer Olympic Games in Moscow (8 pp). [R 19 August 1980, St 224/7] Excerpts. ============================================================ [page one of eight] No St 227/7, 19 August 1980 Top Secret SPECIAL FILE RESOLUTION of the Secretariat of the CPSU Central Committee Information … Continue reading 19 August 1980* (St 224/7) Olympic successes

29 January 1980* (St 195/3) Olympic Games

Secretariat. Planning response to "hostile" campaign against participation in the Summer 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow. Includes 27 January 1980 recommendations from Central Committee Departments, 2-3 pp. [R 29 January 1980, St 195/3] Total 3 pp (excerpt). ================================== [page one of three] Workers of all Lands, Unite! COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. CENTRAL COMMITTEE … Continue reading 29 January 1980* (St 195/3) Olympic Games