8 January 1969* (Pb 111/162) International Fund

Politburo decision. Set up an “International Fund to aid Left-wing, Workers’ Organizations”. Fund total, $16.5 million; Soviet contribution, $14 million, and sums to be contributed by fraternal socialist parties in Eastern Europe, pp 1-2. Also contains the 8 January 1969 (Pb 111/163) decision, specifying how much political parties, organisations and movements are to receive from … Continue reading 8 January 1969* (Pb 111/162) International Fund

28 January 1980* (Pb 181/34) Afghanistan

Politburo decision. Agree with recommendations of Afghanistan commission (GROMYKO, ANDROPOV, USTINOV, PONOMARYOV) for protecting Soviet interests worldwide after the invasion of Afghanistan. Includes text of jointly signed recommendations, 27 January 1980 (210-A), pp 2-9. [R 28 January 1980, Pb 181/34] total 9 pp. (excerpts) ======================= [page one of nine] Return within 3 days to CPSU Central … Continue reading 28 January 1980* (Pb 181/34) Afghanistan

29 June 1979* (Pb 156/IX) Afghanistan

Politburo. Actions to deal with the worsening situation in Afghanistan; recommendations from GROMYKO, ANDROPOV, USTINOV and PONOMARYOV; letter to Soviet ambassador in Kabul. [R 29 June 1979, Pb 156-IX] total 11 pp. (excerpts) ========================================================= [page one of eleven] Return within 3 days to CPSU Central Committee (General Department, Sector 2) Workers of all Lands, Unite! … Continue reading 29 June 1979* (Pb 156/IX) Afghanistan

31 October 1979* (Pb 172/108) Afghanistan

Politburo. About the situation in Afghanistan under Amin. Report from GROMYKO, ANDROPOV, USTINOV and PONOMARYOV (29 October 1979, No 0937), p 2 onwards; letter to Soviet ambassador. [R 31 October 1979, Pb 172-108] total 10 pp. (excerpts) =========================================================== [page one of ten] Return to CPSU Central Committee (General Department, Sector) within 3 days Workers of all … Continue reading 31 October 1979* (Pb 172/108) Afghanistan

18 March 1979* (No 242) Kosygin-Taraki

Transcript of KOSYGIN’s March telephone conversation with MOHAMMED TARAKI, Afghan prime minister. File also includes report by Gromyko, Andropov, Ponomarev and Kosygin and 29 June Politburo decision. [R 18 March 1979, No 242] total 19 pp. (excerpts) ========================================================== [page one of nineteen] Top Secret Special File TRANSCRIPT OF A CONVERSATION by telephone between A.N. Kosygin … Continue reading 18 March 1979* (No 242) Kosygin-Taraki

14 January 1981* (St 246/1) Walesa

Secretariat. Instructions to the Soviet ambassador in Italy regarding Lech WALESA’s visit to the country. Letter to Central Committee from PONOMARYOV. [R 14 January 1981, St 246-1] total 12 pp. (excerpts) ========================================================= [page one of twelve] Workers of all Lands, Unite! COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. CENTRAL COMMITTEE [Text along left-hand margin] Return to … Continue reading 14 January 1981* (St 246/1) Walesa