July 1992* [RF Presidential Archive] Poland

RF Presidential Archive. List of eight documents reflecting Politburo discussion and action in relation to Poland, between August 1980 and September 1982. [Russian: Jul 92]

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9.4 The USSR and Poland.


Of documents from the Archive of the President
of the Russian Federation

25 August 1980, Pb 210/II Politburo decree. Concerning the situation in the Polish People’s Republic
3 September 1980, Pb 213/38 Politburo decree. Theses for a conversation with representatives of the Polish leadership
23 April 1981, Pb 7/VII Politburo decree. On developments in Poland and certain steps from our side.
19 October 1981 Transcript of L. Brezhnev’s telephone conversation with W. Jaruzelski
21 November 1981, Pb 37/21 Politburo decree. On reception in the USSR of a Party-government delegation from the Polish People’s Republic and a verbal message from L. Brezhnev to W. Jaruzelski.
10 December 1981 Draft record of Politburo meeting. About the situation in Poland.
13 December 1981, Pb 40/26 Politburo decree. Concerning information for the leaders of fraternal countries about the Polish Question.
23 September 1982 Memorandum about Soviet assistance to the Polish People’s Republic in hard currency in 1980-1981.

A total of eight documents made up of 47 pp.



Translated by John Crowfoot