Support the Nicaraguan Resistance (1985)

New York Times, 18 April 1985 (display advertisement) -- An Urgent Message from Europeans to Congress: Support the Nicaraguan Resistance -- Democracy itself is at stake in Nicaragua. After four years of dictatorship, the FSLN, the totalitarian ruling party, has not succeeded in breaking the resistance of the Nicaraguan people. After the relative liberalization represented … Continue reading Support the Nicaraguan Resistance (1985)

24 January 1981** (St 247/26) Nicaragua

Secretariat. On the post of 1st Secretary for administrative and legal affairs at the USSR Embassy in Nicaragua. Post to be taken by a KGB officer (7 pp). [R 24 January 1981, St 247-26] ============================================================ [Translator’s notes are bracketed] #CT-. of ...21.81/Top Secret/Special Folder RESOLUTION Of the Secretariat of the CC of the Communist Party of … Continue reading 24 January 1981** (St 247/26) Nicaragua

31 January 1974** (St 112/28) Military training

Secretariat to the International Department. Military training for 20 individuals from Argentina; 5 from Panama; 5 from Nicaragua; and 13 from Costa Rica (7 pp).  [R 31 January 1974, St 112-28] =========================================================== [Translator's comments in brackets; handwritten text is underlined; dates are DD-MM-YYYY.] [PAGE 1] [Header] [Top Left Corner]                            [Top Right Corner] No. ST 112/28 … Continue reading 31 January 1974** (St 112/28) Military training