21 June 1977* [Soviet embassy in FRG] Social Democratic Party

From the Soviet embassy in FRG. An analytical report about the policies of the West German SDP (17 pp). [R 21 June 1977] Excerpts. ============================================================= [page one] Soviet embassy in the Federal German Republic Secret Copy No. 2 20 May 1977 The policies of the SDP leadership [...] ... there are never-ending discussions in political circles, … Continue reading 21 June 1977* [Soviet embassy in FRG] Social Democratic Party

27 May 1969* (231-Z) Stasi

KGB report (Zakharov). Transfer to the Stasi (GDR secret police) copies of 1930s and wartime documents linking FRG Chancellor KIESINGER to the Nazis. [R 27 May 1969 – 231-Z] ============================================================ [page one of one] Special File Top Secret To the CPSU Central Committee In accordance with the decision of the Central Committee Secretariat (St‑57/59) of … Continue reading 27 May 1969* (231-Z) Stasi

9 February 1974* (388-A) Solzhenitsyn

KGB report. A repeat of ANDROPOV’s suggestion to BREZHNEV that SOLZHENITSYN  could be expelled from USSR to FRG. [Excerpt - No Russian text currently available] total 3 pp. ===================================== ... On 8 February our representative met with Brandt’s trusted agent in order to discuss the practical aspects of Solzhenitsyn’s deportation from the Soviet Union to … Continue reading 9 February 1974* (388-A) Solzhenitsyn

7 February 1974* [Andropov-Brezhnev] Solzhenitsyn

Letter from ANDROPOV to BREZHNEV about SOLZHENITSYN, suggesting he be deported from the USSR to West Germany [R 7 February 1974 (no number)] total 3 pp. For background, see Note [1] below. ===================================== [page one of three] Letter from Yu. ANDROPOV to L. BREZHNEV 7 February 1974 Top Secret SPECIAL FILE Dear Leonid Ilych, Here … Continue reading 7 February 1974* [Andropov-Brezhnev] Solzhenitsyn

1 February 1980* (Pb 182/2) Brandt and Sorsa

Politburo decision. Information for WILLY BRANDT (FRG) and KALEVI SORSA (Finland) about Soviet views on disarmament and Afghanistan, pp. 2-20. [R 1 February 1980, Pb 182/2] total 20 pp (excerpts). ========================= [page one of twenty] [Vertical text along left margin] Return within [illegible] days to CPSU Central Committee (General Department, Sector 1) Workers of all … Continue reading 1 February 1980* (Pb 182/2) Brandt and Sorsa

7 February 1974* (350-A/ov) Solzhenitsyn

KGB memorandum. ANDROPOV to BREZHNEV on possibility of using Willy BRANDT to help expel SOLZHENITSYN from USSR to FRG, after his declarations in Solzhenitsyn’s defence. [R 7 February 1974, 350-A-ov] total 2 pp. ======================================================== [page one of two] MEMORANDUM FROM THE USSR COMMITTEE OF STATE SECURITY [KGB] AT THE USSR COUNCIL OF MINISTERS No 350-A … Continue reading 7 February 1974* (350-A/ov) Solzhenitsyn