11 March 1975* (547-A) Matzo

KGB memorandum from Andropov, copy for Chernenko. Confiscation of matzo in parcels sent from abroad. [R 11 March 1975, 547-A] ============================ For Comrade K.U. Chernenko only [1] [Stamp] The agreement of the CPSU Central Committee has been obtained,reports Comrade Galkin, V.E., 1 Sector of CPSU Central Committee General Department [dated & signed] 12 March 1975   … Continue reading 11 March 1975* (547-A) Matzo

5 September 1968* (2012-A) Red Square

KGB memorandum to Politburo describing the 25 August Red Square demonstrators, signed by Andropov, Shchelokov (Minister of Internal Affairs) and Malyarov (USSR Procurator’s Office) 5 September 1968 [R 5 September 1968, 2102-A], total of 2 pp. ============================ [page one of two] Secret To the CPSU Central Committee Recently, especially in connection with events in Czechoslovakia, … Continue reading 5 September 1968* (2012-A) Red Square

The post-Soviet Archives (1993)

Organisation, Access, and Declassification == Theodore Karasik ==National Defense Research Institute (RAND Corporation) [Published 1993] INTRODUCTION The post-Soviet archives examined in this monograph are organized into six separate groups: [1] the Russian state archival system; [2] the Russian foreign ministry archives; [3] the Russian Presidential Archive; [4] the Committee for State Security (KGB) archives; [5] … Continue reading The post-Soviet Archives (1993)