The Status of these Archives (2018)

In 1992, for a period of five months, Vladimir Bukovsky was given access to the archives of the CPSU Central Committee in Moscow.

The new Russian government of Boris Yeltsin asked him to speak as a witness on its behalf at the forthcoming trial of the Soviet Communist Party (the CPSU or “Communist Party of the Soviet Union”). As a condition of his participation and support, Bukovsky required access to the internal documents of the Central Committee, the highest administrative body of the Communist Party.

cropped-bukovsky-cover-of-polish-edn.jpgThis might well prove the only opportunity, Bukovsky knew, for an outsider to read and record what those classified records said about Soviet activities at home and abroad. With a hand-held scanner, he copied several thousand pages of Secret and Top Secret documents, including KGB reports to the Central Committee, and brought them back to England before the trial ended in December 1992.

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31 October 1975*, 2743-A

KGB report. The results of preventative and prophylactic work by the KGB since 1959, reducing the need for imprisonment, even for the most serious crimes. Statistical information for 1959-1974 on p. 2. [R 31 October 1975, Volkogonov] total 2 pp.

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20 January 1977*, 123-A

KGB report. Measures to halt the anti-Soviet activities of the ā€œHelsinki Watch Committee in the USSR: Yury ORLOV, Alexander GINZBURG, N.D. RUDENKO, Tomas VENCLOVA. Includes Secretariat Resolution, St 1/15 (25 January 1977), p. 1.
[R 20 January 1977, St 1-15] Total 6 pp.

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18 February 1977*, Pb 46/X

Instructions to Anatoly DOBRYNIN, Soviet ambassador to the USA, concerning a discussion with Secretary of State Cyrus VANCE about human rights. [R 18 February 1977, Pb 46-X] total 7 pp (excerpt).

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16 December 1980*, St 241/108

Secretariat Resolution. Ambassador to visit Kalevi SORSA, chairman of Finnish Social Democratic Party and “confidential contact”, and congratulate him on his 50th birthday. Includes message to ambassador and preceding note (11 December 1980, 18ā€‘Sā€‘21) from CHERNYAEV, p. 3. [R 16 Dec 80,Ā  St 241-108] total 8 pp.

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