22 Dec. 1967* (Pb 63/122) Ginzburg-Galanskov trial

Politburo. Directions to Soviet ambassadors in the Eastern bloc, and in Western countries, concerning the forthcoming trial of Alexander GINZBURG, Yury GALANSKOV, Alexei Dobrovolsky and Vera Lashkova. [R 22 December 1967, Pb 63-122] total 2 pp. ============================= [page one of two] Workers of all Lands, Unite! COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. CENTRAL COMMITTEE Top … Continue reading 22 Dec. 1967* (Pb 63/122) Ginzburg-Galanskov trial

17 July 1979* (St 167/18) Coppola

Secretariat gives go-ahead for talks with director Francis Ford COPPOLA about making a joint Soviet-American feature film about disarmament. Includes 12 July memorandum from Culture and International Departments (p. 3), and letter from head of Goskino (pp. 4-5). [Russian: 17 July 1979, St 167-18], total 5 pp. =============== [page one of five] Workers of all … Continue reading 17 July 1979* (St 167/18) Coppola

18 January 1983* (Pb 94/52) PCI funding

Politburo decision. Highly classified Politburo document illustrating financial relations between the PCI (Italian Communist Party) and the Soviet Union. The amount in dollars was added by hand. [Russian: 18 January 1983, Pb 94-52] ================ [one page] Workers of all Lands, Unite! Must be returned within three days to the CPSU Central Committee (General Department, Sector … Continue reading 18 January 1983* (Pb 94/52) PCI funding

Essays, Articles, etc

Vladimir K. Bukovsky (1943-2019) = A selection = "Punitive Psychiatry", Foreword to Sidney Bloch and Peter Reddaway, Russia's Political Hospitals, 1977 "The Peace Movement and the USSR", Commentary, 5 January 1982 "Support the Nicaraguan Resistance", New York Times, 18 April 1985 "Is Glasnost a Game of Mirrors?" New York Times, 22 March 1987 "Night of … Continue reading Essays, Articles, etc

Bukovsky laid to rest

On Tuesday, 19 November 2019, Vladimir BUKOVSKY was buried in Highgate Cemetery, north London, after a service conducted by an Orthodox priest at the chapel nearby. Among those who spoke later at the funeral reception in Lauderdale House were Mustafa Dzhemilev, leader of the Crimean Tatar nation; journalist and veteran Soviet dissident Alexander Podrabinek; and … Continue reading Bukovsky laid to rest

Secret Chernobyl

In Judgment in Moscow, Vladimir BUKOVSKY writes in passing with irony and scepticism of the Western reaction, in April 1986, to the explosion at the Chernobyl reactor and the behaviour of the Soviet leadership led by the "new Chichikov", Mikhail Gorbachev. Again and again, he notes disbelievingly, Western commentators urged that the new head of … Continue reading Secret Chernobyl

The Abuse of Psychiatry

The abuse of psychiatry for political purposes was widespread in the Soviet Union. When the release of political prisoners began in 1987 it became apparent that one third of their number were detained, often indefinitely, in psychiatric prison hospitals. All ten documents in this archive concerning this practice may be found in the thematic section … Continue reading The Abuse of Psychiatry