4 February 1987* (206-B) Marchenko

KGB memorandum (Bobkov) to International Department. What to tell French Communists about imprisoned dissidents Anatoly MARCHENKO and Alexander OGORODNIKOV. (Marchenko died in December 1986, following a lengthy hunger strike in Chistopol Prison.) [Russian: 4 Feb 87 – 206-B] ======================= [one page] Secret 4 February 1987, No 206-B Comrade Yu.I. Zuyev, deputy head of the CPSU … Continue reading 4 February 1987* (206-B) Marchenko

15 April 1968* (Pb 79/XII) Marchenko

Proposal to Brezhnev and Andropov to revoke Soviet citizenship of dissidents ILYA GABAI (1935-1973) and ANATOLY MARCHENKO (1938-1986). Subsequently, the two men both died premature deaths. Includes draft edicts of USSR Supreme Soviet, pp. 2-3. [Russian: 15 April 1968, Pb 79-XII] total 3 pp. ======================= [page one of three] Workers of all Lands, Unite! COMMUNIST … Continue reading 15 April 1968* (Pb 79/XII) Marchenko