The Soviet Union and Afghanistan (CWIHP)

Documents from the Bulletins of the Cold War International History Project (CWIHP) Compiled, translated into English and republished November 2001 (79 pp). Compare to Section 9.2 in this archive (USSR and Afghanistan, 1974-1992) which usually includes Russian original [ See Short Biographies for identity and positions of Afghan, Soviet and other officials ] ============================== BULLETIN … Continue reading The Soviet Union and Afghanistan (CWIHP)

1 July 1980** (St 217/39) Jamaica

Secretariat. To meet the request from leadership of the Workers’ Party of Jamaica, “special training” for 2 people (4 pp). [R 1 July 1980, St 217-39] =========================================================== [Translator’s notes are bracketed] #CT-217/39 of 07.01.80/Special Folder/Top Secret RESOLUTION Secretariat, CC of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union Re: Request by the leadership of the Jamaica Labor … Continue reading 1 July 1980** (St 217/39) Jamaica

5 December 1980** (St 240/43) Cuba, Grenada

Secretariat. Requests from Cuba and Grenada to enable radio transmissions to the USA (17 pp).  [R 5 December 1980, St 240-43] =========================================================== English Translation by Marta Olynyk, December 2010 [Translator's notes are bracketed] Proletarians of the world, unite! COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. CENTRAL COMMITTEE TOP SECRET No. St-240/43gs Dated 5/XII/1980 Extract from Report … Continue reading 5 December 1980** (St 240/43) Cuba, Grenada

21 July 1990** (No 0747) Cuba

Politburo. Suppression of American broadcasts to Cuba – request for equipment to hamper and block the transmissions (2 pp). [R 21 Jul 90, No 0747] =========================================================== Translated by Valeri Kalabugin, July 2010 [Translator's notes are bracketed] 5. 1. 5-9 [in handwriting] Confidential          [a note in handwriting:] 43 Copy No. 1 [Typed and handwritten text, ][...] … Continue reading 21 July 1990** (No 0747) Cuba