16 December 1980* (St 241/108) Kalevi Sorsa

Secretariat Resolution. Ambassador to visit Kalevi SORSA, chairman of Finnish Social Democratic Party and "confidential contact", and congratulate him on his 50th birthday. Includes message to ambassador and preceding note (11 December 1980, 18‑S‑21) from CHERNYAEV, p. 3. [R 16 Dec 80,  St 241-108] total 8 pp. ==================================== [page one of eight] Workers of all … Continue reading 16 December 1980* (St 241/108) Kalevi Sorsa

Chernyaev diary (3 January 1976)

A brief passage from Anatoly CHERNYAEV's unpublished "Diary", in which he responds to a report to the Central Committee by ANDROPOV (29 December 1975*, 3213-A) about the statements of foreign communist parties concerning "political prisoners" in the USSR (NSA, document and translation). ==================================== 3 January 1976 From interesting things at the Central Committee, in the … Continue reading Chernyaev diary (3 January 1976)

18 August 1980* (St 224/71) El Salvador

Central Committee Resolution. Positive response to request for "special training" from El Salvador Communist Party. Includes 15 August letter from Chernyaev (p. 2), and 23 July translated letter from head of the Salvador Communist Party Shafik Handal (p. 3). [R 18 August 1980, St 224-71] total 3 pp. =========================================================== [page one of three] No St … Continue reading 18 August 1980* (St 224/71) El Salvador