7 April 1976** (St 4/40) Iraq

Secretariat. Request from Iraqi Communist Party. Decision to provide apartment for widow of a Party activist who collaborated with Soviet special services (3 pp). [R 7 April 1976, St 4-40] =========================================================== [Translator's notes are in brackets; handwritten text Is underlined italic; dates are DD-MM-YYYY] [PAGE 1] [Top Right Corner] TOP SECRET № CT 4/40gs DECISION … Continue reading 7 April 1976** (St 4/40) Iraq

6 February 1990** (St-10/3) Iraq

Secretariat. Discontinuation of illegal crossing to the Soviet territory by activists of the Iraqi Communist Party en route to other countries (7 pp). [R 6 Feb 90, St 10-3] =========================================================== [Translator’s notes are bracketed] SPECIAL FOLDER TOP SECRET 522 ...CT-10/3g of 11.06.90 RESOLUTION Of the Secretariat of the CC of the Communist Party of the … Continue reading 6 February 1990** (St-10/3) Iraq