11 June 1979* (St 162/67) Price rises

Secretariat. Warning to First Secretaries of Party in Republics and Regions about price rises (from 18% to 95%) for cars, furs, gold, carpets, etc as of 1 July 1979 (8 pp). [R 11 June 1979, St 162-67] Excerpt. ======================================================== [page two] Top Secret TO THE FIRST SECRETARIES OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY CENTRAL COMMITTEES OF UNION … Continue reading 11 June 1979* (St 162/67) Price rises

16 December 1980* (St 241/9) US and Soviet Academies of Science

Secretariat. Negotiations between Soviet and US Academies of Sciences to resume contacts  broken off in early 1980 (8 pp). [R 16 December 1980] Excerpt. ====================================================================== [page one of eight] Workers of all Lands, Unite! [Vertical text along left-hand margin] Return to the CPSU Central Committee (General Department, Sector II) within 15 days after receipt (Central … Continue reading 16 December 1980* (St 241/9) US and Soviet Academies of Science

13 February 1982* (317-A) Confiscated art

KGB to Central Committee. Items of art confiscated by KGB transferred to the Kremlin museums. [R 13 February 1982, 317-A] ============================================================ [one page] Secret Committee of State Security [KGB] 13 February 1982, No 317-A Moscow To the CPSU Central Committee The transfer of works of art to the Moscow Kremlin State Museums The KGB reports … Continue reading 13 February 1982* (317-A) Confiscated art

26 June 1986* (Pb) Writers

Politburo meeting. Alexander YAKOVLEV reports on the Congress of the Writers' Union. Discussion of ways to manage changes in the union's bureaucracy [R 26 Jun 86, Pb], 5 pp. =========================================================== [page one of five] Top Secret Single Copy (Draft Minutes) MEETING OF CPSU POLITBURO 26 June 1986 In the chair Comrade M.S. GORBACHEV In attendance: … Continue reading 26 June 1986* (Pb) Writers