13 February 1982* (317-A) Confiscated art

KGB to Central Committee. Items of art confiscated by KGB transferred to the Kremlin museums. [R 13 February 1982, 317-A]


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Committee of State Security [KGB]
13 February 1982, No 317-A

To the CPSU Central Committee

The transfer of works of art to the Moscow Kremlin State Museums

The KGB reports that as a result of measures conducted in 1981 to combat smuggling and violations of rules on foreign currency transactions among a number of smugglers, foreigners and their criminal connections among Soviet citizens, it has seized, in the lawful manner, a large number of antiques and works of art, presenting, according to experts, historical and artistic value.

With this in mind, antique ecclesiastical ornaments (icons, crosses, other items), works of 17-19th century art (201 items total), as well as 30 copies of books published in Russia in 1883-1916, have been transferred to the Directorate of the Moscow Kremlin State Museums.

According to the director of the Moscow Kremlin State Museums, Comrade M.P. Tsukanov, the works of art transferred by the KGB are “a major contribution to the museum collections, and in the future will serve the noble cause of the study and promotion of Russian and foreign art.”

The above is reported for information.

Chairman of the Committee
[signed] Yu.Andropov




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