8 January 1969* (Pb 111/162) International Fund

Politburo decision. Set up an “International Fund to aid Left-wing, Workers’ Organizations”. Fund total, $16.5 million; Soviet contribution, $14 million, and sums to be contributed by fraternal socialist parties in Eastern Europe, pp 1-2. Also contains the 8 January 1969 (Pb 111/163) decision, specifying how much political parties, organisations and movements are to receive from … Continue reading 8 January 1969* (Pb 111/162) International Fund

10 April 1989* (St-99/248) Special Training

Secretariat: Additional measures to provide apartments for the representatives of Communist Parties from non-socialist countries who are receiving "special training" in the USSR (excerpt). [R 10 Apr 89, St 99-248] total 5 pp. =========================================================== [page one of five] SPECIAL FILE Top Secret No. St 99/249 of 10 April 1989 RESOLUTION of the Secretariat of the … Continue reading 10 April 1989* (St-99/248) Special Training

06 January 1989 * [International Dept] Ireland

Secretariat turns down request from Sean GARLAND, General Secretary of the Workers' Party (Republic of Ireland), to provide "special training" for 5 people. Memos in support from the International Department and the KGB (21 December 1988). [R 6 January 1989] ========================================================== [page one of two] SPECIAL FILE Top Secret To the CPSU Central Committee The … Continue reading 06 January 1989 * [International Dept] Ireland

5 May 1974* (Pb 136/53) PCI

Politburo decision. Provide the Italian Communist Party (PCI) with “special training” for 12 people in case it has to go underground (4 pp). [R 5 May 1974, Pb 136-53] ========================================================== [page one of four] Return [etc. illegible] (General Department, sector 1) Workers of all Lands, Unite! COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. CENTRAL COMMITTEE TOP … Continue reading 5 May 1974* (Pb 136/53) PCI