06 January 1989 * [International Dept] Ireland

Secretariat turns down request from Sean GARLAND, General Secretary of the Workers’ Party (Republic of Ireland), to provide “special training” for 5 people. Memos in support from the International Department and the KGB (21 December 1988). [R 6 January 1989]


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Top Secret

To the CPSU Central Committee

The International Department of the CPSU Central Committee has carefully studied the matter raised by Sean Garland, Secretary General of the Workers’ Party of Ireland (RPI). Its further study, involving experts of the Committee for State Security, shows that, despite the trustful relationships between the CPSU and RPI, granting Garland’s request involves a serious risk.

Any leak concerning our participation in the training of such personnel for the RPI — considering that keeping such activities totally secret is very difficult, practically impossible — would lead to serious complications in Soviet-British relations.

It seems expedient to advise S. Garland that it is not possible to grant his request at the moment, while assuring him of our unwavering policy of strengthening fraternal relations with the RPI.

The KGB of the USSR (Comrade V.A. Kirpichenko) concurs with this conclusion. It has been agreed with A.N. Yakovlev.



Deputy Head,
International Department, CPSU Central Committee

6 January 1989


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Special Importance

Committee for State Security [KGB]
21 December 1988, No 2269-K/OB

Request of the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Ireland

Comrade Sean Garland, Secretary General of the Workers’ Party of Ireland, approached the KGB station chief in Dublin, who is in confidential contact with him [i.e., Garland], with the following request.

The party leadership, maintaining their Marxist stand, feels it necessary to strengthen the membership’s security. To this end, Comrade Garland would like to request the appropriate bodies of the Party in Moscow that they consider the possibility of organizing a course of training for a group (up to 5 persons) of reliable and tried members of the party.

We believe it possible to give positive consideration to the request of the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Ireland.

Chairman of the Committee

(Signed) Kryuchkov



[1] The Marxist Party evolved from the Official IRA.

[2] For an earlier request from Sean Garland, see 7-page letter in English,
dated 15 September 1986*.


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