14 January 1981* (St 246/1) Walesa

Secretariat. Instructions to the Soviet ambassador in Italy regarding Lech WALESA’s visit to the country. Letter to Central Committee from PONOMARYOV. [R 14 January 1981, St 246-1] total 12 pp. (excerpts) ========================================================= [page one of twelve] Workers of all Lands, Unite! COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. CENTRAL COMMITTEE [Text along left-hand margin] Return to … Continue reading 14 January 1981* (St 246/1) Walesa

2 April 1981* (Pb) Poland

Politburo meeting. The situation in Poland; future meeting between ANDROPOV, KANIA and JARUZELSKI; economic reforms and martial law. [R 2 April 1981, Politburo] total 7 pp. (excerpts) ============================================================= [page one of seven] Top Secret Single Copy (Draft Minutes) MEETING OF CPSU POLITBURO 2 April 1981 chaired by Comrade L.I. BREZHNEV Comrades in attendance: Yu.V. Andropov, … Continue reading 2 April 1981* (Pb) Poland