14 January 1981* (St 246/1) Walesa

Secretariat. Instructions to the Soviet ambassador in Italy regarding Lech WALESA’s visit to the country. Letter to Central Committee from PONOMARYOV. [R 14 January 1981, St 246-1] total 12 pp. (excerpts)


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Workers of all Lands, Unite!


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Return to the CPSU Central Committee
(General Department, sector 2) within 15 days of receipt
(Central Committee Resolution of 17 June 1976, St 12/4)

Top Secret

No St 246/1, 14 January 1981

Excerpt from item 1 of Minutes No. 246 of the Central Committee Secretariat

Instructions to the Soviet ambassador in Italy
in connection with the forthcoming visit to Italy by Lech Walesa

1. Confirm the text of instructions to the Soviet ambassador in Italy (attached).

2. Send a copy of the appeal to the leadership of the Italian Communist Party (PCI) to the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers’ Party.



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[page eleven – 13 January 1981 letter from Ponomaryov]


To the CPSU Central Committee

A delegation from Solidarity (18 people), headed by L. Walesa, will be in Italy from 14 to 18 January 1981 at the invitation of local trade unions. The delegation also includes representatives of the antisocialist political opposition.

According to available information, the bourgeois parties and mass media intend to make wide use of the trip by this delegation to discredit the socialist order in the Polish People’s Republic and to support the policy of eroding and eventually eliminating socialist gains in Poland. To this end, plans are under way to organize a reception for the members of the delegation by high-level trade union and political figures. In addition to a meeting with the Pope in the Vatican, there are plans for L. Walesa and his delegation to be welcomed by the leadership of the United Trade Union Federation (CGIL, CISL, UIL), and for meetings to be organized with workers’ groups. Despite a preliminary decision to avoid meeting with L. Walesa, the Italian Communist Party (PCI) leadership so far has been wavering in its position and has not ruled out the possibility of some sort of contact with him.


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“We believe it would be worthwhile to approach the PCI leadership, which is strongly-placed within the Italian trade union movement and has substantial influence on political circles in the country.

In this connection instructions could be given to the Soviet ambassador in Italy to meet with E. Berlinguer or one of his deputies and to draw the attention of the PCI leadership to the need to take all possible steps to ensure that L. Walesa’s trip to Italy does not result in support for the approach of the antisocialist political opposition.

[signed] Ponomarev

13 January 1981, 18-S-62




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