27 April 1970* (1118-A) Vandalism

KGB about delinquent acts during the celebration of LENIN’s birth centenary (2 pp). Excerpt. [R 27 April 1970 – 1118-A]


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USSR Committee for State Security [KGB]
of the USSR Council of Ministers

27 April 1970, No. 1118-A

To the CPSU Central Committee

The centenary of the “founder of the Soviet State”, V.I. Lenin, has been celebrated in an organised fashion throughout the country, in circumstances of great activity, and enthusiastic commitment by Soviet people to work and to our policies. It demonstrated, once again, their indissoluble unity and consolidation around the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party. At the same time, 155 politically harmful, delinquent acts, connected to the jubilee were reported in a number of districts across the USSR during the preparation and the celebration of this event. Fifty five of these events took place in 1969; 100, in 1970.

Such types of action were noted in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belorussia, Estonia, Latvia, Moldavia and Turkmenistan; and, [within the RSFSR], in the Maritime and Khabarovsk Regions, the Moscow, Leningrad, Kuibyshev, Rostov and other Regions. Several statues, busts and bas-reliefs of the Leader were destroyed or damaged, as were a significant number of paintings, stands and banners, and also portraits, placards, reproductions, wall newspapers and other celebratory decorations.



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70 people have been charged with criminal offences for such politically harmful and delinquent acts; 65 more have undergone prophylactic treatment and 7 are now under observation.

In 18 cases the act was particularly brazen and intended to cast a shadow over the celebration of the centenary of Lenin’s birth by Soviet people.

For your information

Chairman of the State Security Committee

[signed] Andropov




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