31 January 1938* (Pb 57/48) Great Terror

Dealing with “Anti-Soviet Elements”. Politburo accepts NKVD request to increase quotas for 1st category arrests (executions) and 2nd category arrests (sent to camps) in 22 Republics and Regions across the USSR. [Russian: 31 January 1938, Pb 57-48] total 2 pp. ==================================== [page one of two] Return within 24 hoursto the Central Committee Special Sector STRICTLY SECRET(From … Continue reading 31 January 1938* (Pb 57/48) Great Terror

31 December 1938* [Stalin] Great Terror

Stalin’s written permission for the Krasnoyarsk Region (Siberia) to carry out several thousand additional “1st category arrests” (executions). The instruction was written in pencil on a small, plain slip of paper.  [Russian: 31 December 1938] ======================================= Permit Krasnoyarsk Region 6,600 additional ‘1st category’ arrests. For Stalin, I.V. ====================================== NOTES This instruction came two months after … Continue reading 31 December 1938* [Stalin] Great Terror

3 September 1953** [Central Committee] Special assignments

Secretariat. Creation at Ministry of Internal Affairs of Special Division No.12 for “special assignments” (diversion, sabotage, assassination) abroad. Structure, functions, etc of Special Division (7 pp). [R 3 September 1953] ============================================================   [page one of seven] Top Secret Special File CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION RESOLUTION On the institution of … Continue reading 3 September 1953** [Central Committee] Special assignments

31 October 1937* [NKVD] Kuibyshev

Letter from A. FRENKEL (Kuibyshev) to NKVD chief YEZHOV: malfunctioning of special troika, unburied bodies of "Enemies of the People", and poor safety measures during interrogation. [Russian: 31 October 1937] Two pages. ======================================= [page one of two] Comrade Yezhov! I consider it my duty to advise you of the following facts that have been made known … Continue reading 31 October 1937* [NKVD] Kuibyshev

16 November 1972* (Pb 67/XVIII) Warnings

Politburo decision. Responding to a jointly signed request from the KGB and Procurator-General RUDENKO (11 October 1972, 2594-А,  pp. 4-5) the Party leaders approve a secret decree (p. 2) about special KGB “cautions” or warnings to those engaged in “politically harmful” behaviour. [Russian: 16 November 1972, Pb 67-XVIII], total 5 pp. Often referred to as … Continue reading 16 November 1972* (Pb 67/XVIII) Warnings