10 October 1974* (2882-A) Neizvestny

KGB to Central Committee. The State should offer work to sculptor Ernst NEIZVESTNY to prevent his further disaffection and desire to emigrate (3 pp). [R 10 October 1974, 2882-A]


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To the CPSU Central Committee

Providing sculptor E. Neizvestny with State commissions

The Committee for State Security has learned that the sculptor and member of the Artists’ Union E.I. Neizvestny intends to move abroad and settle abroad in the near future. This decision, supposedly, has been prompted by a dissatisfaction that due interest is not being taken in his art by the relevant organisations and cultural institutions. They are to blame for his lack of commissions and enforced reliance on occasional work.

The available information indicates that Neizvestny is hoping to receive an invitation from some influential Western person. That person is presumed to be the American Senator Edward Kennedy, whose personal representative visited Neizvestny during the senator’s last visit to the USSR.



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If Neizvestny is refused permission to travel abroad he intends to draw the worldwide public attention to himself. In so doing he is counting on the support of certain figures in the Italian and French Communist Parties and the Vatican.

In view of the above we believe it expedient to consider giving Neizvestny a State commission to produce a monumental work on a contemporary theme that would be in keeping with his creative plans. A draft Central Committee is attached.

We request your consideration

Chairman of Committee of State Security



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