19 February 1986* (321-Ch/ov) KGB report for 1985

KGB head CHEBRIKOV delivers to GORBACHEV his highly classified report on the Committee’s work in 1985: counter-intelligence, industrial espionage and exposure of “domestic subversion” (9 pp). [R 19 Feb 86, 321-Ch-ov] Excerpt.


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Special Importance

USSR Committee of State Security [KGB]
of the USSR Council of Ministers
19 February 1986, No. 321-Ch/ov

Report on the work of the USSR Committee for State Security in 1985

To the CPSU Central Committee
Comrade M.S. Gorbachev

The activities of the USSR Committee for State Security were wholly subordinated to the fulfilment of the demands of the Communist Party to ensure the dependable security of the Soviet State and society.

State Security carried out a complex of measures to aid, through Chekist means, the all-round implementation of the decisions of the April and October 1985 plenary sessions of the CPSU Central Committee for the acceleration of the socio-economic development of the USSR, the overall progress of Soviet society, the strengthening of the positions of the USSR in the international arena, and to counteract the aggressive policies of imperialism.

[…] Our main efforts were directed towards improving the quality and timely submission of information about the policies towards the Soviet Union of the ruling


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circles in the USA, other NATO countries, Japan and the Chinese People’s Republic and of the practical actions they are taking to undermine our country’s international position, and the peaceful initiatives of the Soviet State.

Paramount attention was paid to information about the military-strategic plans of the [Main] Adversary : his schemes to attain military superiority over the USSR, indications of preparation for the possible sudden unleashing of a nuclear attack, and other problems that affect the vital interests of the Soviet Union, and of socialist and other countries friendly towards us. […] measures were adopted to increase the efficiency of our scientific-technical intelligence gathering. A significant volume of documentary information has been obtained about the latest advances and discoveries of the leading capitalist countries in science, engineering and technology.


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[Political repression within the USSR or, as Chebrikov termed it, “the struggle with ideological sabotage by the class enemy”, was intensified.

The borders were put under tighter control, leading to the capture of 1,646 offenders. As part of the “disruption of ideological protests by the emissaries of foreign, anti-Soviet nationalist, Zionist and clerical organisations” three hundred individuals were expelled from the USSR, and 322 were banned from visiting the country again.

Illegal nationalist organisations in the Ukraine and the Baltic States were closed down (25 arrests) and “the formation of 93 youth groups based on ideologically harmful ideas” was halted. A search for those who were merely “authors and distributors of anonymous and anti-Soviet materials” led to the arrest of 1,275 individuals, 97 of whom were imprisoned.

The harvest of 1985 was especially rich:]

The following have been charged with criminal offences: especially dangerous State crimes, 57 individuals; other State crimes, 417 individuals; other crimes, 61. […] Preventive prophylactic measures have been carried out on 15,274 individuals.




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