5 December 1989* [Secretariat] International Fund

Secretariat. Soviet contribution in 1990 to the “International Fund to aid Left-wing and Workers’ Organizations”: total $22 million, all from CPSU (3 pp). [R 28 Dec 88, Pb 144-129]


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CPSU contributions for 1989, see 28 December 1988*]


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Top Secret

Resolution of the CPSU Central Committee

An issue raised by the Central Committee International Department

1. Accept the proposal of the International Department concerning the share to be contributed by the CPSU to the International Fund for Left-wing Workers’ Organisations for 1990 as 22,000,000 dollars.

2. The board of the USSR State Bank (Comrade N.V. Garetsky Comrade V.V. Gerashchenko) is to provide Comrade V.M. Falin with 22,000,000 dollars for special purposes.

Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee

11 December 1989

St 175/3
14 December 1989


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Top Secret

To the CPSU Central Committee

An issue raised by the Central Committee International Department

The International Fund to Aid Left-wing Workers’ Organizations has consisted, for many years, of voluntary contributions from the CPSU and several other Communist parties in socialist countries. By the end of the 1970s, however, the Polish and Romanian and (from 1987) Hungarian comrades ceased to participate in the Fund, citing difficulties with finance and hard currency. In 1988 and 1989, the Socialist Unity Party of [East] Germany and the Communist parties of Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria, without offering an explanation, declined to make the contributions expected of them, and the Fund consisted entirely of sums apportioned by the CPSU. In 1987, the share paid by the above-mentioned three parties constituted $2.3 million, i.e. around 13 percent of the total contributions.

The CPSU contribution to the International Fund to Aid Left-wing Workers’ Organizations was established (Pb 144/129, 28 December 1988) as 13.5 million hard-currency roubles, which was 22,044,673 dollars at the official exchange rate.

In 1989 73 Communist, workers and revolutionary-democratic parties and organisations received support from the Fund. The total sum disbursed amounted to 21 million dollars, of which 20.5 million dollars have been transferred, as of this moment, to the parties.

Parties which have regularly received specific sums of money from the Fund over many years rate this form of international solidarity very highly. They do not believe


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it could be replaced by any other form of assistance. Most of these parties have already submitted substantiated applications for aid in 1990; some requested that the amount be increased greatly.

It would seem expedient to maintain the CPSU contribution to the International Fund to Aid Left-wing Workers’ Organizations for 1990 at approximately the level of the present year — 22 million dollars.

A draft Central Committee Resolution is attached.

Head of the Central Committee
International Department

Falin (V. Falin)

5 December 1989



The Fund to Aid Left-Wing Workers’ Parties was established in the late 1960s (see 8 January 1969*, Pb 111/162*). For a list of recipients in 1981 and the amounts they received, see 29 December 1980*, Pb 230/34.

See 30 November 1987* (Pb 95/21) and 28 December 1988* (Pb 144/129) for decisions and discussion of CPSU contributions to the Fund in 1988 and 1989.


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