15 July 1986** (No 1439) Mozambique

Council of Ministers: send teachers in Marxism-Leninism to Frelimo party school in Mozambique. [R 15 Jun 86 – CM No 1439]


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15 July 1986, No. 1439rs

Moscow, the Kremlin

1. In connection with the request of the Frelimo Party leadership to consent to the long-term assignment, starting in 1986, for work at the Central Party School of the People’s Republic of Mozambique of a Soviet consultant to the rector, a teacher-consultant on the Social Sciences disciplines, and a Portuguese translator, as well as up to three teachers- consultants every year for a period of up to four months.

The USSR Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR, with the agreement of the Central Committee International Department, is to select and assign to the People’s Republic of Mozambique the indicated consultant, teachers, and translator in compliance with the requests of the Mozambique side.

2. Costs connected with the assignment to the People’s Republic of Mozambique for work at the Central Party School of the consultant, teachers, and translator, indicated in Point no. 1 of this order, are to be reckoned in Soviet roubles with appropriations allocated to the USSR state budget for the purpose of providing free aid to foreign states, and in foreign currency—with funds in accordance with the currency plans of the GKES [State Committee for Economic Cooperation].

3. In the budget the GKES is to stipulate the upkeep of the Soviet consultant, teachers, and translator working at the Central Party School of the People’s Republic of Mozambique, the costs of providing them with transportation, furniture, refrigerators, air conditioners, and other consumer goods.

Seal of the Executive Office
of the USSR Council of Ministers

Deputy Chairman
of the USSR Council of Ministers, G. Aliev




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