12 December 1990** (No 06-2-544) Institute of Social Sciences

About students from socialist and communist countries studying at Central Committee’s Institute of Social Sciences. [R 12 Dec 90, No 06-2-544]


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On the acceptance for studies at the Institute of Social Sciences [Institut obshchestvennykh nauk; ION1 at the CC CPSU of representatives of communist, socialist, and revolutionary-democratic parties for the second half-year of the 1990/1991 school year

In keeping with the plans for inter-party relations, which have been approved by the CC CPSU, and individual requests from the leadership of communist, socialist, and revolutionary-democratic parties, 325 representatives from 64 parties in 55 countries are to be accepted for studies at the ION at the CC CPSU from February 1991 for courses (lasting from two weeks to five months).

In comparison with last year’s acceptance, the number of students is being reduced by more than half.

This is imparted as information.

Deputy Head of the CC CPSU’s International Department       [signature]

  1. Musatov

“12” December 1990

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