15 December 1976* (Pb 38/46) Corvalan

Politburo. Decision on exchange of CORVALAN for BUKOVSKY. Contains three other documents: instructions to Soviet ambassadors in Bern and Washington (A. Dobrynin); and jointly signed submission (p. 6) by Andropov, Gromyko and Ponomarev (14 December 1976, 2816-A) about the timing and logistics of the exchange (total 6 pp). [R 15 December 1976, Pb 38-46] Excerpt.


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Top Secret

To the CPSU Central Committee

The Soviet ambassador in Washington reports that the Chilean authorities have agreed to transfer Comrade L. Corvalan and his family to Geneva. The idea is that we shall hand over Bukovsky and his mother there as well.

The Chileans propose to make the exchange on 18 December this year (telegram No 3130 from Washington). We consider it expedient to give our agreement to this date.

It is desirable to send a representative of the Central Committee International Department to Geneva and a doctor. A special plane should be provided to transport Comrade Corvalan from Geneva to the USSR. Bukovsky will be sent to Geneva on the same plane.

An edict concerning Bukovsky’s deportation from a penal institution to a place beyond the borders of the USSR should be adopted by the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet before he is handed over to the Chilean side. This will permit Bukovsky’s transportation in custody to Geneva without the latter’s agreement.


Gromyko [Minister of Foreign Affairs]

Andropov [chairman of KGB]

Ponomaryov [head of Central Committee International Department]

14 December 1976, 2816-A