8 January 1980* (Pb 177/X) Sakharov

Politburo decision. Internal exile for Andrei SAKHAROV and deprive him of all State awards (3 pp). [R 8 January 1980, Pb 177/X] Excerpt.


[pages one and two are, respectively, an announcement by TASS and the draft Decree about depriving Sakharov of all his State awards]

[page three]


Decree of the USSR Supreme Soviet

The administrative exile of A.D. Sakharov from Moscow

Taking into account the representations made by the USSR Procurator General and the USSR Committee for State Security concerning actions committed by Sakharov that meet the criteria of crimes under Article 64, point “a” and Article 70, point 1,  of the Criminal Code [1] and the possibility that a criminal case may be brought against him, the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet decrees

1.  To prevent Sakharov’s hostile activities, his criminal contacts with citizens from capitalist States, and the resulting damage to the interests of the Soviet State it is necessary to take no other step but to exile Sakharov, Andrei Dmitriyevich, in administrative order, from the city of Moscow to a part of the country that is closed for visits by foreigners.

2. A residential regime is to be established for A.D. Sakharov that excludes contacts with foreigners and anti-social elements, and journeys to other parts of the country without the permission of the appropriate body within the USSR Ministry of Internal Affairs. Monitoring to ensure that Sakharov A.D. observes the established regime is entrusted to the KGB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Chairman of the Presidium
of the USSR Supreme Soviet

Secretary of the Presidium
of the USSR Supreme Soviet



[1] Articles 64 and 70 of the RSFSR Criminal Code refer, respectively, to “Treason” and “Anti-Soviet Agitation and Propaganda”, both listed as grave crimes against the State.


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