26 December 1980* (St 243/57) Denmark

Secretariat. Letter to chairman of Danish Social Democratic Party about the arrest of refusenik Victor BRAILOVSKY, explaining his “criminal activities” (3 pp). [R 26 December 1980, St 243-57]


[Text from a different document, presumably International Department to Central Committee]

The chairman of the Danish Social Democratic Party, Prime Minister A[nker] Jorgensen has sent a telegram to the International Department in which he requests help, in the name of his party, to ‘re-unite the family’ of Soviet citizen V.L. Brailovsky. Brailovsky was recently arrested and is under investigation, accused of systematically distributing slanderous allegations against the State and social system of the USSR [1].

Since the CPSU maintains inter-party relations with the leadership of the Danish SDP we consider it would not be expedient to leave Jurgensen’s telegram unanswered. The reply could be sent via the Soviet ambassador in Denmark.

Bearing in mind that Jorgensen’s telegram was widely distributed by the media in the West we should act on the assumption that our reply may also be published.

[pages two to three give text of instructions to the Soviet ambassador]



[1]  For Brailovsky, his fate and the unofficial seminars he ran for those refused the right to emigrate, see the Chronicle of Current Events and, in particular,  issues 56.13 (30 April 1980) and 60.6 (31 December 1980).


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