9 April 1985* (473/PR/54) Socialist International

Instructions to KGB station chiefs abroad. How to influence the activities of the Socialist International (8 pp). [R 9 Apr 85, No 473-PR-54 : document kindly provided by Mr O. Gordievsky.] Excerpt. ============================================================ A serious exacerbation of the international situation and the intensifying threat of war, evoked by the sharp increase in the aggressiveness of … Continue reading 9 April 1985* (473/PR/54) Socialist International

2 September 1980* (St 226/4) Peace movement

Secretariat. Response to a Belgian initiative for nuclear disarmament and safety of non-nuclear countries (9 pp). [R 2 September 1980, St 226/4] Excerpt. =========================================================== [page one of nine] Workers of all Lands, Unite! COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. CENTRAL COMMITTEE [Vertical text along left-hand margin] Return to CPSU Central Committee (General Department, sector 2) … Continue reading 2 September 1980* (St 226/4) Peace movement

14 December 1975* (3088-A) NATO weapons

KGB report to Central Committee. Possible consequences of NATO's future deployment  of smart tactical weapons for Soviet military strategy (3 pp). [R 14 December 1975, 3088-A] ========================================================== [page one of three] Top secret State Security Committee [KGB] at the USSR Soviet of Ministers 14 December 1975, No 3088-A Moscow To the CPSU Central Committee On possible … Continue reading 14 December 1975* (3088-A) NATO weapons

1 February 1980* (Pb 182/2) Brandt and Sorsa

Politburo decision. Information for WILLY BRANDT (FRG) and KALEVI SORSA (Finland) about Soviet views on disarmament and Afghanistan, pp. 2-20 [Russian: 1 February 1980, Pb 182/2] total 20 pp (excerpts). ========================= [page one of twenty] [Vertical text along left margin]Return within [illegible] days to CPSU Central Committee(General Department, Sector 1) Workers of all Lands, Unite! … Continue reading 1 February 1980* (Pb 182/2) Brandt and Sorsa