10 June 1968* (1342-A) Crimean Tatars

Intentions of Crimean Tatars to appeal to the United Nations. A clandestine report passed on to the Central Committee by the KGB concerning Pyotr GRIGORENKO’s remarks.
[R 10 June 1968, 1342-A]


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USSR Committee for State Security [KGB]
of the USSR Council of Ministers

10 June 1968, No. 1342-A


To the CPSU Central Committee

The Committee for State Security has received information from its sources that [Pyotr] GRIGORENKO, in conversation with one of his acquaintances, declared that the Crimean “autonomists” intended to prepare an appeal to the United Nations.

They would gather the signatures of 250,000 Tatars, appealing for support of their demands. Expressing approval for this action, GRIGORENKO said that it would have a “colossal impact”. The Committee for State Security is taking measures to prevent possible hostile acts by nationalist-minded individuals from among the Crimean Tatars and other anti-social elements.


[signature] ANDROPOV



[1]  The Crimean Tatars were expelled overnight from Crimea on 17-18 May 1944 and banished to  Uzbekistan and other parts of Central Asia.

Campaigning peacefully for a return to their homeland after Stalin’s death, they were extraordinarily well organised and courageous (see A Chronicle of Current Events 8.5, 30 June 1969).


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