15 March 1977* (Pb 49/XV) Letter to PCF

Politburo. Final version of the letter to leaders of the French Communist Party (total 23 pp). For draft see above, 22 February, St 45/8. [R 15 March 1977, Pb 49-XV] Excerpts. =============================================================== [page two] Item 15, Minutes No 49 Top Secret To the Central Committee of the French Communist Party Dear Comrades ----------------------------------------------- [page two] In … Continue reading 15 March 1977* (Pb 49/XV) Letter to PCF

14 March 1978* (Pb 97/54) Rostropovich

Formal, jointly signed request (March 1978, 459-A) by KGB, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Central Committee that Mtsislav Rostropovich and his wife Galina Vishnevskaya be stripped of their Soviet citizenship (5 pp). [R 14 March 1978, Pb 97-54] Excerpts. =========================================================== [page one of five] To item 54 of Minutes No. 97 Secret To the CPSU … Continue reading 14 March 1978* (Pb 97/54) Rostropovich

19 May 1977* (Pb 56/68) Human rights

Politburo. Instructions to Soviet ambassadors on human rights issues (21 pp). [R 19 May 1977, Pb 56-68] Excerpt. ========================================================== [page two] Secret To all Soviet ambassadors and representatives Recently a wide and coordinated campaign has unfolded in the West concerning the phoney “violations of human rights” in the Soviet Union and other socialist countries. Those … Continue reading 19 May 1977* (Pb 56/68) Human rights

24 March 1977* (Pb 50/71) anti-Soviet campaign

Politburo. Measures to "stop activities of the US special services in the anti-Soviet campaign" about human rights (4 pp). [R 24 March 1977, Pb 50-71] ======================================================== [page two of four] [...] According to information received, this operation has prompted a serious reaction in the USA and other Western countries. Reports in American newspapers, on radio and … Continue reading 24 March 1977* (Pb 50/71) anti-Soviet campaign

19 May 1971* (Pb 4/48) Sinyavsky

Politburo decision to pardon Andrei Sinyavsky. Includes draft Edict (not for publication) and undated joint note from KGB Chairman, the Procurator-General and the USSR Minister of Justice proposing this decision.  (4 pp).  [R 19 May 1971, Pb 4-48] ============================================================== [page one of four] Workers of all Lands, Unite! COMMUNIST PARTY OF THE SOVIET UNION. CENTRAL … Continue reading 19 May 1971* (Pb 4/48) Sinyavsky

1 April 1978* (785-A) Trials

Joint memorandum to Central Committee from KGB, Procurator-General and ?Ministry of Justice. Delay trials of “anti-Soviet elements” -- dissidents Anatoly SHCHARANSKY, Alexander GINZBURG, Yury ORLOV and Zviad GAMSAKHURDIA (and the "spies" Lubman, Filatov and Nilov) --  until a politically suitable time (excerpts). [R 1 April 1978, 785-A] total 4 pp. ========================================================== [page one of four] … Continue reading 1 April 1978* (785-A) Trials

29 March 1977* (647-A) Shcharansky

KGB memorandum to Central Committee. Reactions of US embassy and foreign press corps to measures taken against dissidents, particularly the arrest in mid-March of Anatoly SHCHARANSKY. [R 29 March 1977, 647-A] total 3 pp. ======================================================= [page one of three] Top secret State Security Committee [KGB] at the USSR Soviet of Ministers 29 March 1977, No … Continue reading 29 March 1977* (647-A) Shcharansky

17 March 1978* (492-Ch) Chistopol Prison

KGB and Ministry of Internal Affairs to Central Committee: Transfer of "especially dangerous" prisoners from Vladimir Prison to Chistopol Prison. Henceforward political prisoners would be held in Chistopol Prison. [R 17 March 1978, 492-Ch] ========================================================== [page one of two] Secret Copy no 3 To the CPSU Central Committee No 06637 The transfer of especially dangerous … Continue reading 17 March 1978* (492-Ch) Chistopol Prison

12 May 1977* (958-A) Rostropovich

KGB to Politburo: proposal that Soviet bloc boycott International Rostropovich competition in Paris. Draft CPSU decree attached (2 pp). [R 12 May 1977, 958-A] ========================================================== [page one of two] SECRET 12 May 1977 No.958-A To the CPSU Central Committee The international Rostropovich competition for young cellists According to information received, the Association of International Gatherings … Continue reading 12 May 1977* (958-A) Rostropovich

25 October 1976* [International Dept] PCF and dissidents

International Department memorandum to Central Committee (25 October 1976, 25-S-2025). Attached is text for Soviet ambassadors in various countries, pp. 2-3, concerning the Western "anti-Soviet" campaign about dissidents and involvement of French Communist Party (PCF) in that campaign. [R 25 October 1976, No 25-S-2025] total 3 pp. =========================================================== [page one of three] SECRET 2nd sector … Continue reading 25 October 1976* [International Dept] PCF and dissidents

29 December 1975* (3213-A) PCF, PCI and human rights

KGB to Central Committee: the attitude of PCF and PCI (French and Italian Communist Parties) toward human rights issues. Includes information (p. 3) on conviction of dissenters in USSR (Articles 70 and 190-1) since 1958. [R 29 December 1975, 3213-A] total 5 pp. ================================= [page one of five] TOP SECRET USSR Committee of State Security … Continue reading 29 December 1975* (3213-A) PCF, PCI and human rights

10 October 1974* (2882-A) Neizvestny

KGB to Central Committee. The State should offer work to sculptor Ernst NEIZVESTNY to prevent his further disaffection and desire to emigrate (3 pp). [R 10 October 1974, 2882-A] ========================================================= [page one of three] Secret To the CPSU Central Committee Providing sculptor E. Neizvestny with State commissions The Committee for State Security has learned that … Continue reading 10 October 1974* (2882-A) Neizvestny