5 January 1977* (22-A) Helsinki Groups

KGB memorandum. Measures to stop the proliferation of anti-Soviet activities by the “Helsinki Watch Committee in USSR“, and its sub-committees set up in Ukraine and Lithuania. [Russian 5 January 1977, 22-A] total 2 pp.


Top Secret


About measures to end the hostile activity Of members of the so-called “Group For Assistance in the Implementation of The Helsinki Agreements in the USSR”

The Committee of State Security of the USSR Council of Ministers informed the CC CPSU (No. 2577-A from November 16, 1976) about the creation by anti-social elements led by Yu. F. Orlov of the so-called “Group for Assistance in the Implementation of the Helsinki Agreements in the USSR.”

In the process of further work it has been established that Orlov and his closest accomplices instigated the creation of similar “groups” in Ukraine and Lithuania. Recently members of the mentioned groups have significantly stepped up their collection and dissemination to the West of the slanderous materials, which aim to place in doubt the sincerity of the Soviet Union’s efforts to implement the stipulations of the Final Act of the Conference for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Taking into account the fact that these groups inflict serious political damage on the Soviet state, and to stop their instigating and subversive activities, in December 1976- January 1977, the Prosecutor General’s office, on the basis of Committee for State Security materials, conducted searches at the homes of Rudenko, N. D. pensioner, Berdnik, A. P., stained glass artist of the “Painter” group, Kandyba, I. A., examiner at a regional household goods production factory, Tikhii, A. I., firefighter of the extra­departmental [vnevedomstvenoi] security service, Lukyanenko, L. G., electrician at a children’s hospital (Ukraine), and also the unemployed Orlov Yu. F., Ginzburg, A. I., and Alexeeva, L. M. (Moscow).

During the search, a large quantity of slanderous materials prepared by the individuals named above for transportation to the West was found and seized: archives of hostile documents, drafts of future publications of anti-Soviet collections, lampoons prepared in the West and transported to the Soviet Union through illegal channels, and also materials exposing their criminal links with the foreign anti-Soviet organization “People’s Labor Union.” In addition, some were found to have weapons, foreign currency, large sums of Soviet rubles, and pornographic literature, which were confiscated.

The Committee of State Security and the office of the USSR Prosecutor General are currently developing further measures to terminate the hostile activities of the individuals mentioned above.

Reported for your information.


Yu. Andropov

5 January 1977                                   No. 22-A


Source — U.S. Library of Congress, Manuscript Division,
Dmitrii A. Volkogonov Papers (Reel 18, Container 28)

Translated by Svetlana Savranskaya For the National Security Archive