29 March 1977* (647-A) Shcharansky

KGB memorandum to Central Committee. Reactions of US embassy and foreign press corps to measures taken against dissidents, particularly the arrest in mid-March of Anatoly SHCHARANSKY. [R 29 March 1977, 647-A] total 3 pp. ======================================================= [page one of three] Top secret State Security Committee [KGB] at the USSR Soviet of Ministers 29 March 1977, No … Continue reading 29 March 1977* (647-A) Shcharansky

27 August 1966* [Novosti] ABC TV company

Request from US television company ABC for permission to film a TV-program about the life of a working-class Soviet family. [R 27 August 1966] =============================================================== [page one of one] Secret To the CPSU Central Committee The Novosti Press Agency [APN] has received a request from representatives of the American television company ABC to produce a … Continue reading 27 August 1966* [Novosti] ABC TV company