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18 February 1977*, Pb 46/X

Instructions to Anatoly DOBRYNIN, Soviet ambassador to the USA, concerning a discussion with Secretary of State Cyrus VANCE about human rights. [R 18 February 1977, Pb 46-X] total 7 pp (excerpt).

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24 July 1973*, St 88/1

Secretariat. Propaganda tasks following Brezhnev’s visit to USA (36 pp). [R 24 July 1973 – St 88-1] Excerpts. ================================================================ [page two] Secret To the Central Committee Concerning the main propaganda tasks in view of the results of the visit of … Continue reading

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31 December 1975**, 3240-A

KGB report. Shipments to the USSR of American weapons captured in Vietnam. [R 31 December 1975, 3240-A] =========================================================== [page one of one] Translated by YBZ, Feb 2011 [Translator’s notes are in brackets; handwritten text is italic in red, dates are … Continue reading

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5 September 1980**, St 227/39

Secretariat. A request from Comrade Gus Hall, General Secretary, Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA). “Special training” for Hall’s personal representative (3 pp).  [R 5 September 1980, St 227-39] ========================================================== [Translator’s notes are bracketed] #CT 227/39ge, of 11.05.80                   SPECIAL FOLDER … Continue reading

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